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Quickbooks Training

QuickBooks™ Training

Are you ready to start using QuickBooks in your small business but aren’t quite sure where to begin? Don’t waste your time struggling with confusing help menus and lengthy online tutorials when Wizard Accounting Services can deliver targeted QuickBooks training. Our approach is to identify which QuickBooks features will bring the most benefit to your business and then develop a customized training program to teach you how to use those key functions on QuickBooks. This usually includes a combination of QuickBooks basics like how to generate reports and send out invoices in conjunction with handy tips and tricks that save time and maximize productivity. We offer the convenience of conducting these training sessions right at your office so you and your staff can learn how to use QuickBooks in a comfortable environment. As local QuickBooks ProAdvisors® we travel to businesses anywhere throughout the Somerset, NJ area. We also offer small group training seminars within Somerset County.

Personalized Approach

Wizard Accounting Services provides personalized training that allows you to develop a solid working knowledge of QuickBooks in a short amount of time because we focus on the features that are essential to running your business. We provide basic QuickBooks training for those who are just starting out and additional training for those who want to advance their skills. Our technique is cost-effective for all kinds of small businesses and we’re ready to get started right away. Call 732-203-5105 ext. 1001 to learn more about our QuickBooks training or request a consultation online now.

Our QuickBooks training includes:

  • Customized on-site training for you and your employees

  • Personalized QuickBooks training at your own pace

  • Specialized training for your bookkeeper

  • Small group training seminars within Somerset County


What You’ll Learn:

  • Accounting basics and principles

  • Entering daily transactions

  • How to create quarterly and year end reports

  • How to utilize lists and manage inventory

  • How to streamline the data entry process

  • Tips and tricks to save time and boost productivity

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